Steapin' into SF

Hey guys, there's a new tea place in town.. and it's called Steap Tea Bar! While many places are centered around having the best boba in the biz, the owner of Steap, Emil is focusing more on bringing a fresh new taste to tea in the Bay Area. Their menu has so many different variation of drinks that are fun and so good for you! Just think, activated charcoal to cure any hangover mixed with aloe, or even their $3 honey CBD shot! Oh, did I forget to mention that this has to be SF's first CBD tea bar? It's honestly so amazing/refreshing I can't believe no one has thought of this yet!

Steaptea_Michelle-00080 copy.jpg
Steaptea_Michelle-00033 copy.jpg

I instantly gravitated towards the Green Queen, made with organic matcha, mint, lemon, topped with a mascarpone salted cheese. Steap Tea Bar takes salted cheese to the next level... beware for those who are lactose intolerant.. this stuff is so good, it's crack! 


I am living for this new CBD food craze! There are really people who have serious pain that come in and order drinks with CBD to help ease the discomfort. Honestly, don't knock it till you try it! I swear there is no "high" sensation, its just soothes and relaxes your body! So don't be afraid :).

Steaptea_Michelle-00041 copy.jpg

Photos shot by: Gino Mascardo