St. Helena's Acacia House Brings Farm-to-Table Home

Acacia House in St. Helena is a prime example of luxury dining in beautiful wine country as it attracts tourists from all over, but came highly recommended by locals. The Acacia House offers a fresh take on California cuisine, featuring farm-to-table delicacies headed by food visionary and Top Chef alum Chris Cosentino. I was told that everything on their menu was spectacular and that only made me more eager to check it out for myself!

Grab a seat in the open lounge, enjoy the breeze on the terrace, or cozy up in every corner of this refurbished restaurant home. As for me, you can find me on the porch sippin’ on their signature Las Alcobas with the salt foam (or pretty much any cocktail on their list) *hint* go for the AM sprintz. 


For starters we went with the chips and dip, a french onion dip with smoked trout + caviar. When a dish comes out so perfect that you don’t want to eat and ruin it, YUP that was this.


Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better the crudités came out, veggies in an ice bath served with sunflower seed hummus! 


Time for the main dishes:  out came the lobster submarine and the Sonoma chicken. 


When the food looks this legit, you can't help but steal the first bite! It's no wonder Acacia House is a crowd favorite. 

photos by: Gino Mascardo