Insider’s Look at Off the Grid SF Catering

It has seriously been YEARS since the last time I stepped foot at Fort Mason to attend OTG. I remember way back when they only had about five trucks, people standing in the pouring rain to get their hands on a Chairman Bao or the Creme Brulee Truck (man, those were the days!)

Snapseed (1).jpg

This time, I got a special tour of the new and improved Off the Grid, which means.. more trucks, wayyyy more food, and even booze! #Upgrade! No but seriously, Off the Grid is one of the oldest marketplaces that highlights unique food trucks from the Bay Area welcoming the whole community + sharing delicious food for almost a decade!

So you’re probably wondering, catering huh… how does that even work? I mean, we’re talking about food trucks, a huge trend that has completely transformed the way we equip and sell food.

Off the Grid provides full service event planning which takes the pressure off for your next big corporate event, wedding, work happy hour, and pretty much any event you need covered, THEY GOT YOU.

From picnics, employee recognition events, all-day corporate conferences, to bring your idea to life.. their A-team provides a diverse menu selection including the option to customize based off guests’ dietary restrictions (yes, this means you vegans!).

 I got to check out a few vendor options they have available now:


Cup Noodles from Oodle Cups, Chicken & Waffles from The Waffle Roost, and Poke Nachos from Hula Truck 408.

IMG_9202 (1).jpg

Oh did I mention it was a Star Wars themed? People were dressed in storm trooper outfits and it was such a great time!


Cornflake Cereal S'more Bar + Four Barrel Coffee Cookie Monster from FK Custard Bars


The most beautifully plated taco trio from COOL!NARiA


Special Star Wars themed cookie dough for the evening! Shoutout to the Doughp team for crafting this baby! 

They handle everything from furniture rentals, staffing, permitting, and entertainment.. So booking events are a breeze. OTG works with you to bring a fresh + fun catering experience for your perfect event, providing food and beverage elements, curating the space + hiring entertainment to transform the venue into the type of experience clients and their guests are completely wowed by.

For more info on Off the Grid Catering and to book for your next big event, visit them here!