I Made My Mom Try CBD Tea For the First Time

For those who have NO IDEA what CBD tea is, it’s cannabis infused tea that’s known to have significant health benefits! From joint pain to post-surgery healing, I’ve heard rumors that CBD the compound in cannabis, actually works as a great medical alternative to your body’s growing aches and pain. 

Ever wonder what CBD tea would be like? Thanks to The Brothers Apothecary, Portland’s first medicinal CBD tea company, I got to try it firsthand.. and let me tell you… I was determined to find out if CBD tea was just a hoax or if it was the real deal.


I’ve heard so many great things about CBD tea blends, The Brothers in particular, are organic and come in a variety of soothing flavors. 

Spoiler: it’s real, it’s mild, and I love it.

I got to sample the following flavors: Buddha’s Berry, Golden Dream, and Highbiscus. My favorite would have to be a tie between the Golden Dream and Highbiscus. 

The first day, I decided to try the Golden Dream flavor which promotes restfulness. When you first open the package you can definitely smell the cannabis + flower fragrance (probably from the rose petals). But once you plop the tea bag into water, the cannabis smell completely disappears and a lovely blend of spearmint and orange fills your cup!

I’m so ready to trade in my morning cup of coffee for The Brothers Apothecary’s CBD teas.. who is with me?


I am a huuuuuge fan of tea and enjoyed this flavor so much I drank two cups back to back! Shortly after (about an hour and a half) I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and fell into a short + relaxing sleep! When I woke up I didn’t feel groggy or over-napped in a way that THC products normally/usually leave you. Um, that’s a winning in my book! 

Initially I was excited to review this product because my mom has terrible arthritis, so I thought it might help her sleep through the night when the pain starts to flare in her wrists. To put this to the real  test I let my mom have some of the Highbiscus flavor (without her consent of course).  I was nervous, would I be outed.. would she detect the small hint of cannabis upon her first sip? 

Nope, I was in the clear and watched her as she unknowingly downs the whole cup.

And now, we wait!

* 25 minutes*

*45 minutes*

But yeah, nothing happened and she went about her normal bedtime routine. 

Maybe I’ll add the CBD honey to up the dosage… but that will be an experiment for next time!


So for people who are iffy about trying CBD products, don’t be! There’s such a negative stigma revolving the cannabis industry without much knowledge over hemp-based wellness products like cannabidiol. There’s a ton of research about CBD extraction + it’s safety and I’ve had people reach out to me to tell me all about their journey to recovery with the help of CBD products too!

In San Francisco, cannabis is no new story, but with its legalization in January 2018, I’ve noticed a few local restaurants who have been tinkering with CBD and adding it to their menu items / even drinks! Definitely excited to try this and can’t wait to share more with you all about this cannabis trend.