Guilt-Free Guide For A Last Minute Valentine’s Date Your S.O Will Thank You For

The pressure is on…Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and you’re stuck with no reservation and no plans.

Don’t worry, I gotchu! Here’s my stress-free guide to Valentine’s Day plans that will have your S.O swooning.

OK, call me biased but my favorite San Francisco neighborhood to eat / pretty much do anything in is... of course the Mission.

If the colorful street art, dope architecture, coupled with their growing selection of trendy restaurants isn’t enough to convince you… then hopefully this guide will.

Dinner at Locanda


You can grab seats at the bar or an early dinner reservation at any Mission restaurants, but to WOW your S.O you have got to go Locanda, a hearty Italian restaurant where the drinks are spot on and the entrees are exploding with flavors!

Movie Night at Alamo Theater

After stuffing your appetite at Locanda, you can head over to Alamo Drafthouse (if you thought the eating ends here, oh you are quite wrong my friend). Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is my favorite theater in the city! Don't underestimate this place, even with it's worn down, old school vibes, I'd still prefer this theater over any other in the city! You can also reserve seats ahead of time and know exactly where you’ll be sitting. So expect super comfy theater seats + quirky downstairs bar + servers who will bring you food/drink to your seat. On the menu you'll find deviled eggs, chocolate shakes, and seasoned popcorn, talk about classy! Taking Netflix + Chill to the #NextLevel!


Sweeten Up the Night at Garden Creamery

The movie credits are rolling and there’s one more spot on the list to end your perfect Valentine’s date plan. No better place than Garden Creamery to sweeten up your S.O and let them know why you make the perfect pair! Call ahead to see if they’re making their signature churro cones if not opt for a quadruple scoop stack with all of their best flavors!