New Times Old Memories at China Live

Over the weekend I got the chance to check out China Live for San Francisco Restaurant Week! I was so excited because I've never participated in Restaurant Week before! 

China Live is located on Broadway in SF's most culturally distinct neighborhood, Chinatown. I can't tell you how many times I've been to Chinatown in the last week alone, it's been insane! While the crowded construction and very very very limited parking situation made me want to smack my forehead against my steering wheel, I finally made my way over to this new aged marketplace that has been on my list! 

image1 (1).jpeg

I was so amazed by the interior, each station so artfully crafted, yet so different than the next. I definitely wasn't in Chinatown anymore..somehow, I couldn't shake the feeling of nostalgia that took over me. In this very space used to be a overcrowded, run-down dim sum house... I used to dread the hour long wait pushing through swarms of Asian families during Saturday afternoon. Now? I think I could count the number of Asian diners on one hand (me included).  


After we ordered what seemed like everything off the #SFRW lunch menu, I got to talking with my new blogger friends @juliaotestphoto, @akshhay, and @ephemeralfox! I used to be so nervous going to media events... but now it's so much fun! I love being around other creatives in SF, it's such an inspiring atmosphere! 


As the food starting rolling out dish by dish, I could not wait to start eating. Only about an hour or so later, did we finally get to dig in #BloggerProblems. 

My favorites were the Chow Mein and the BBQ Pork Buns!

Tomorrow is the last day of Restaurant Week! So make sure you take advantage of all the different restaurant offerings and let me know in the comments which one you went to / was your favorite. On my list were La Mar and Roka Akor, unfortunately last week was jam packed with different errands + work :(. But I hope you guys have been wearing your stretchiest pants and eating seconds for me!