meet me & tasty castro's cutest brunch spot

Ah, when Thai cuisine meets your favorite breakfast food and they have a baby, that baby is called Me & Tasty. Do you ever call up your best friend and have absolutely NO IDEA where you want to go, what to do, and even worse... WHERE TO EAT? #FirstWorldProblems

Today was just one of those days, we were dressed and ready to get our sip on (afterall it was zeeee weekend). So off I go deep in the Yelp bookmarks and lo and behold... we were headed to Me & Tasty.

Parking was a breeze and for San Francisco that was just a complete blessing. The bright colored trollies that rolled by paired with the vibrant streets of Castro instantly put me in a GREAAAAT mood. My day was off to an amazing start.

In terms of food, I had my eye on the charcoal pancake (WTF RIGHT, YES A BLACK PANCAKE). But for the sake of flexin' for the gram you know I had to get all the good eats!


We ordered: a side of charcoal pancake, a side of french toast, chicken and waffles, and the crab benedict. OH, and a bottle of savignon blanc because why not?


We sat downstairs right next to the windows and all the pillows, so cozy! I didn't get a chance to check out the upstairs space, but I hear its waaaayy bigger. 

image1 (7).JPG
image2 (1).JPG

Ok, working in food service for like most of my somewhat adult life I take food service into consideration EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You shouldn't have to leave feeling unsatisfied about dirty silverware, your waiter's shitty attitude, or leaving not full (this was not the case). 

So in all no bs honesty, the food was pretty amazing (even after withstanding my 30 minutes of obnoxious picture taking) but the little attention to detail just wasn't there to really wrap up my experience. We waited so long for our food to arrive, dirty wine glass, forgetting our order.. it's just these little details that are so important. But for good food, I can suck it up.

But seriously -- I'd still recommend this place to a small group of girlfriends who want to have a beautiful lunch date and head over to hot cookie for some risky and questionable chocolate penis cookie photos. #WildWildThots