HaloTop Creamery taste test

Got to start my week off with an ice cream taste test thanks to Halotop Creamery! As much as I want to try new things, sometimes I just like what I like. So I stocked my fridge this week with strawberry, cookies and cream, vanilla bean, and chocolate (playing it very safe as you can tell). So many people recommended the birthday cake or rainbow sorbet which I have yet to try! 

I'm so excited to finally work on some Pinterest inspired projects to show you all.. aka my lazy girl foodstyling. I had so much fun shooting these.. in my pj's and last night's make up (no effin' shame). 


The flavors I enjoyed the most was probably chocolate and strawberry I mean.. how can you go wrong?!? Surprisingly the cookies and cream was my least favorite... the texture was off and maybe I'm just used to oreos being in cookies and cream? It wasn't bad but it wasn't memorable for me. But for less than 300 calories a pint I think this is a great option for people who want to indulge but definitely don't want to go overboard. 

Leave me a comment below with your favorite flavor or a flavor you think I should try!