The last two weeks have been hectic beyond belief. I flew into LA for a friend's wedding and a few short days in SF before I was taking off again for the Big Apple! 

Strapped with too much luggage for my one week stay, I was soooo ready to check off places on my NYC bucket list. I've been dreaming of my first time in New York since I was in grade school. I feel pretty silly that I'm seriously JUST NOW going for the first time, but hey! better late than never right? 

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I knew for my first time I had to stop by these MUST EAT places, don't forget to check out my beginner's guide to eating in NYC. Contrary to my Snapchats and Insta-Story, I did more than just eating.. I swear! My BFF is also huge art junkie so she was keeping me cultured at museums like MOMA and the Met. 

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New York is really a place where people come alive. You can hear it in the way they speak, it seems like everyone's just chasing their dream and really about their hustle. It's so true, once you go to New York you just fall in love with it, all of it.. the stuffy subways, the street style, THE FOOD... everything. I've only been back a few days and I'm already daydreaming about my next visit.