Eatin' For the Insta: NYC Food Diary

Some of you have asked me to put together a list of places I went in NYC, so here it is! This list is just a beginner's guide to eating in the Big Apple! There were so many places I wanted to try but could only squeeze in so much in my one week stay. 

The Bagel Store

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If you're looking to get a New York bagel you can stop by Ess-A-Bagel, Tompkins Square Bagel or basically any convenient cafe. BUT if you're looking for the bagel that broke the internet then you need to stop by The Bagel Store. You will be amazed.

Stuffed Ice Cream

IMG_6712 (1).jpg

I'm not a regular girl. Do not give me roses or chocolate or text me good morning. Postmates me a meal, give me your Netflix password, or send me Stuffed Ice Cream's bouquet of ice cream. Now that's how you win a girl over. 

Thursday Kitchen

IMG_0021 copy.jpg

Fans of Korean food will die over this NYC hot spot. The hype is real and it is legit. A moody Korean joint serving up small bar bites and a delicious steak entree. The dishes were shared and trust me, next time I go.. I AINT SHARIN'. The food does not disappoint, even their $9 avocado is amazing (yes I am aware that I said $9, let me live). Don't even get me started on the drinks..which are dine-in only just FYI.. whoops! 

Pil Pil


Pil Pil's offers daily happy hour special: $3 sangria and $3 beer...I feel really sus about drinking $3 wine, like this has to be some Carlos Rossi-ish, so we splurged on a bottle of wine. Personally, I would pass on the wine selection here for the price and wine service. I recommend ordering their calamari, brussel sprouts with ham, and Arroz Meloso De Mariscos (creamy saffron seasoned rice mixed, with fresh tilapia, shrimp, mussels and squid will definitely hit the spot).

Sushi on Jones


Sushi on Jones was recommended by friends and even highly suggested through Instagram.. which makes me really sad to say that I didn't think it was that *life-changing*.. SORRY, but honestly! So for those who have never been to Sushi on Jones, it is a six seater outdoor sushi bar that only takes reservations for their 30 minute omakase spread. For $58 you get all their best. It was quite the experience but I left feelin' so hungry still and wallet crying. But compared to Amami's $33 omakase spread, Sushi on Jones offers wagyu and different variations of uni (for those who are into that #overhyped). 

by Chloe. 


by Chloe. blends fast food service with guilt-free you'll find quinoa taco salad, vegan burgers, and even drool-worthy desserts on display. 

Xi'an Famous Foods


This is an order of the Hot and Sour Lamb Dumplings with Pork Noodles. I'm still dreaming of those noods, like not even kidding! Xi'an Famous Foods is known for having the fattest and longest single piece of noodle per plate. For the price and the flavor, this was easily one of my favorite meals in NYC. 



Find someone who gives you the same feeling like when the waiter comes out with piping hot melty cheese and scrapes it all over your potatoes and prosciutto. #Livin!!

Magnolia Bakery


IMG_6625 copy.jpg

I've only had Magnolia Bakery most prized Banana Pudding once years ago. I made it a point to visit and get my hands on a pint of this yumminess. If crack was dessert it would be this. 



Looking for something other than your favorite Halal Guys or New York pizza? Stop by Baohaus for their Chairman Bao and Taro Fries. #CravingSatisfied.  



Ippudo ramen for our last meal before heading to the airport. Here are two bowls of the Karaka Spicy Kasane, thin noodles with Ippudo's hot spices, pork chashu, sesame kikurage mushrooms, scallions, and sesame oil. The broth was flavorful and not overly salty like most places, I wish it had more of a kick to it though. ***Disclaimer*** I am no ramen snob so feel free to let me know if you think Ippudo or Totto is better!