GUIDE | Jersey Shore: Where to Go & What to Expect

It’s been a hot minute since I threw something up on the blog. Here’s a quick guide from my road trip to the Jersey Shore (anyone else fist pumping?!).

For my first timers out there, I know you’re probably thinking… WHY. When your friend’s parents have a beach house four blocks away from the shore, I think the answer is WHY NOT. It was definitely the quick escape I needed and any reason to even out my atrocious back tan — I’m in.

We rented a car and hit the road for about 2.5-3 hours because traffic is a bit*h!

We stepped out into a beautiful breeze, swapped our clothes for bathing suits, and scurried off to the beach.

Fumosa Bakery

A bakery with all the savory and sweet goods for your ideal beach day. On the first day we got salami sandwiches (so gooood!) and breakfast sandwiches the next morning.

Pro Tip: Get the Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese sandwich, the classic New Jersey breakfast staple. Fun fact - there’s a huge divide about whether it’s called a pork roll or Taylor ham based on where you’re from in Jersey, it still exists and the battle is goin’ strong!



We had season passes for the beach but I heard you can purchase day passes for about $10 per person, each day. The sand was so nice and the water was the perfect compliment to hours of baking in the hot sun.



We headed to the boardwalk to check out all the food + rides. Since Hurricane Sandy, there’s been a ton of remodeling. The boardwalk is entirely new since it got wiped out by the storm. It’s beautiful to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine even after something so devastating, the bounce-back is real! We drowned ourselves in frozen treats so we wouldn’t melt in the hot heat, make sure to try Kohr’s and Polish Water Ice!


After hitting the beach, we went back to grill and stuff our faces with all the summertime staples: cheeseburgers, guac + chips, and sweet corn with loads of butta!


We went to Manasquan to check out the local bars — Osprey & Leggett’s. Definitely college-vibes and super crowded. You need to wear backs for your shoes or you won’t get in, I would also avoid wearing sandals / white sneakers. Huge groups of White Claw drinking vacationers at both spots. We ended our night with the best onion ring drunchies!

Our trip to the shore was freakin’ awesome! I definitely had my doubts, especially after watching the show that it might not be the best of places, but if you’re looking for a nice getaway from the city, 10/10 recommend. Hope you found this guide useful for those planning a weekend getaway to Jersey Shore!