Dock Eatery Brings Asian Flavors to Bushwick


Bushwick is one of my favorite neighborhoods to explore because you never know what you’ll find on each corner. The abandoned warehouses are transformed to life-sized canvases for artist to display a collection of fascinating pieces known as the Bushwick Collective. Among the buzzing nightlife there blooms a restaurant scene that’s truly exciting. My latest discovery was Dock Asian Eatery, a restaurant where three chefs gets the chance to bring their cuisine to the table.


The décor of the restaurant is comprised of vibrant shipping containers, drawing inspiration from a dock (hence the name). As ships stop and go from all across the world, the locals of Bushwick will have yet another standout restaurant to come and enjoy.


Chef Taka Kishikawa is the chef behind the Japanese cuisine here and has been working in restaurants since he was 16 years old. With many years of experience tucked under his belt, he combines his passion for fishing and mastery in sushi to go hand-in-hand.

Next up is Chef Amornrat Aksaranan who attended the Culinary Program at The Art Institute then landed her first job at The Mercer Kitchen. She is skilled in a variety of different cuisines and followed her passion (and roots!) to bring traditional Thai fare to all parts of the city.


Chef Shogo Kishikawa always had the heart for ramen. He grew up in Japan and moved to the U.S where he learned the different styles of ramen-making. He had the privilege of working alongside Chef Taka at Ramen Zamurai where they offer a huge selection of authentic Japanese ramen, but they pride themselves on bringing the truest tasting Hakata-style Tonkotsu to it’s Brooklyn location.


Here’s a closer look at their signature dishes on the menu…


This restaurant is ideal for large groups celebrating any occasion or even the indecisive eater who wants a taste of justttt about everything. If you ever make your way to Bushwick, I hope you get the chance to try Dock Asian Eatery, it’s definitely worth checking out!