Here's What $66 Will Get You at Di An Di

In the past month I’ve been exploring a TON of new food places in New York (especially the Asian food scene), but nothing seriously beats my mom’s homemade Bun Rieu or Banh Canh. So in efforts to combat my homesickness, I headed to Brooklyn to check out Di An Di.

At Di An Di, you can expect the same cheeky and alluring energy that exists in pretty much every NYC restaurant: over-the-top bar, heavily decorated space, and themed everything. Servers were respectful and attentive with my beckoning list of questions, not to mention this place probably has a health score of at least 90+. Nope honey - we’re definitely not in San Francisco anymore. Where are the pho places with the bathrooms that are half supply closets and the gigantic soap dispensers? I’m used to being emotionally abused by my local pho joints so much that Di An Di felt unusually foreign.


On my list to try was definitely the Bun Bo Hue, living in San Jose for five years and eating almost nothing but Vietnamese/Chinese food growing up.. It’s food that I find most comforting and obviously the most delicious! I also ordered the Pho Ha Noi that comes with an egg you mix altogether, so cool! For an appetizer we went for the Banh Xeo Cuon, comes with tumeric crepe and veggies wrapped in rice paper. Of course, we washed this down with two beers because whyyyyyy naaahhht.


The food was great, I loved my Bun Bo Hue so much I almost slurped it clean. But good food comes with a cost, and Di An Di is definitely break your bank typa good. But for me, a little too overpriced for Vietnamese “street food”. I’d love to try some of their other specialty share plates, maybe pass on the pizza (???..whut) but overall the space is gorgeous and is totally worth checking out in the area!