It’s been a month and I’m so excited to finally share that I moved to NYC! Life moves fast, and when the right opportunity comes up you just have to take it.

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions around here, highs and lows, confusion, tears, now realizing I have no sense of direction. Even after a month, I am still in shock that I actually live here now!


So why New York?

Well.. why not? It’s a city filled with so much life, energy, noise, and tons of people!

My life was aligning so effortlessly before my eyes and I didn’t even know it. I was job searching for a week (tough huh) before I got a call for an interview for a restaurant hospitality group in New York. Am I really doing this? Should I really try?

In SF, I found myself back in the restaurant scene after leaving my job at NBC Bay Area to pursue hospitality + build up my blog. It was something about being in the industry that made me feel more connected to people, learning what people look for when searching for their next dinner reservation, and I loved being surrounded by people who I can talk endlessly about the latest restaurant openings! It was hard to explain- to my friends, to my family, why I was so dedicated to an industry that didn't have the career stability that they all hoped for me. 

I can’t say it was an “A-HA!” moment, but I knew in my core that I wanted to land this job more than anyone else and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. The following weeks were intense, waiting for a decision that would ultimately change my life!!!!! AHHHHH ok, I was wrong it was definitely an AHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYGOD moment.


The phone rang, and I got the job. Well, now what? MAKE MOVES (literally).

I told my family on Monday, I quit my hosting job Tuesday, and I was on a flight out Thursday morning. Like I said, life moves fast (with or without you). No last-minute dinners, no tearful goodbyes, I packed one large suitcase and made my way across the coast. On the plane, I clenched my boyfriend’s arm, scared..nervous…excited… did I make a mistake? This is crazy right?

Now that I’m in New York, I get lost on the subways constantly, the humidity has me sweating like never before. But I finally feel like I’m living out my dreams! I spend a lot of my week planning photo grids, going to photo shoots, scanning social media, going to Instagram workshops, and it seriously doesn’t feel like work at all…yet. The people I work with all sprouted from the industry too, almost all of which dedicated their time at Eleven Madison Park, #1 restaurant in the world in 2017!!!!! *insert happy tears*. I feel so unbelievably lucky to be a part of all the magic that happens here at Make It Nice HQ.  


 I thought this would be a smooth and effortless transition.. NEWSFLASH it wasn't. I was (surprisingly) homesick a lot, missing my friends and going from knowing everything about a city to being completely + utterly lost has been so frustrating! But I honestly wouldn't trade this experience for anything! I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like, but I’m really excited to share this new chapter of my life + bring you along as I eat my way through NYC!