Weekend Getaway in LA for the Big 25!

Hey guys!

Now that February is over it’s officially the end of my birthday month.. *cue sad face*. It’s been awesome celebrating my 25th back to back to back to back (how am I still alive???). Here’s a quick recap of my time in LA where 15 of my closest girlfriends flew down to LA with me. 

I’m a last-minute planner, I have these grand ideas in my head but I’m too lazy to actually put them altogether until the very last second, anyone else like this?? Luckily, for this trip it worked out in the best way possible! It’s so great to see all my girlfriends who I’ve met in different parts of my life mesh together and click so well! It really just melts my little heart


While we waited to check into our second airbnb we stopped by Grand Central Market, a hipster eatery with a ton of options for everyone! This is where the instagrammable Eggslut and McConnell's Fine Ice Cream is! Since I've had both before, I went for Ramenhood, a vegan ramen joint that was so so good! I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. 


Our airbnb was seriously a blogger's dream, marble countertops, spiral staircase, and a to-die-for rooftop patio!


The first night we went out in DTLA and had kbbq! Afterwards we went to Lock and Key. When we arrived I was like oh hell no.. this is a run down motel, we have to leave. But after we entered it was NOTHING like what it looked like outside, so bougie, and so LA. Bring on the shots! 


The look you give when your postmates delivery arrives.. YAAAS. 


S/o to all my wonderful friends who decorated EVERY. SINGLE. CORNER of this gorgeous space and turned it into damn near my own Color Factory! #GirlsBeingGirls My only regret was not taking more group pics and photos of the space, I really wanted to live in the moment with all my friends there!

We went out to a rooftop bar called Broken Shaker + another bar (forgot what it was called.. my night got blurry at this point) before heading back to the airbnb for more raging. 


As if we couldn't stuff our faces anymore.. we headed out to Smorgasburg LA which was only seven minutes away from our airbnb! This was what I was most excited for the whole trip. I finally got to try Shrimp Daddy and ventured off to see what other Instagrammable bites Smorgasburg had to offer! It was really dope but left us feeling sooooo exhausted + full. We spent the rest of the trip very lowkey drinking wine, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. 


After my LA weekend getaway it feels nice to be back home. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and so ready to tackle whatever comes my way! Idk, maybe it was all the alcohol I consumed but 25 is a big deal!!! I’m almost near 30 (oh no make it stop..) but I feel like people take you more seriously. Either way a huge milestone for me and I feel more connected to my brand/blog than ever before! It was so amazing to gather my whole girl gang and catch up with each other, recognize everyone for their accomplishments + terrible tinder stories, and just have a great time! This trip was exactly what I needed.