A New York Minute


When I packed up my bags and moved from coast to coast I was scared shitless. Uprooting your life and getting out of your comfort zone is just as hard as it sounds. A part of you wants to embrace this new journey and another part feels like you’re failing everything that you’re leaving behind. I’ve found that the following tips have been my guiding compass to keeping me close to my purpose and keeping me sane when things go wrong (trust me.. things will go wrong).


1. Don’t sleepwalk through life

Don’t let your passions slip through the cracks. Find your calling and get excited. If you haven't yet, you’re probably not looking. If you’re not looking that’s probably because you already know what it is but you’ve decided to put it off. Whether it’s a DJ, an artist, a world renowned stamp collector, what’s truly stopping you from reaching your goals? You seriously only get one life to live, so create a life that lights you up. It’s time to really live it up.

Stop living in limbo. Commit to doing what you want to do right at this moment, don’t rely on those same old excuses. If you’re serious you’ll find a way, if you’re not you’ll find yet another excuse.


The best decision I ever did was to follow my gut feeling. I know it can get confusing when your head says one thing and your heart says another. I follow what feels right and use my happiness as my guiding compass.


2. Stop drowning in your own sorrows

To be frank, nobody cares. Anyone who cares will be tired of hearing the same rant after the 3rd or 4th time. It’s okay to have shitty things happen, like finding a fake hit-and-run note on your car after getting hammered at a food festival (yes this happened) or having crappy relationships with your family (still true). It is not okay to let that define your relationships with other people or to let those lingering negative feelings take over your life altogether. Take ownership of this life, it is 100% yours. You are the author of your life, and it's time to rewrite a chapter that’s worth reading and worth living! Quit the I never’s, I won't, or I can’t and trade them for one day, or I’m trying, and I will. This obviously doesn’t happen overnight, it takes patience, constant reminders, and even a bit of self confidence. But put in the work, it’s time to confront your fears, stop the complaining, and unleashing your purpose.


3. Be unapologetically you

In this life NOBODY will be like you and honestly, comparison is a self-inflicted death trap that is the fastest way to suck the fun out of life. When I moved to New York...literally the most saturated blogging market on the planet, I couldn’t escape the pointless comparisons. I was spiraling out of control and 100% addicted to my phone. I didn’t move here for them or to be exactly like these people on my feed, and neither should you. If you’re not where you want to be, keep going. Don’t let anyone come in between your dreams. Your time and attention are so valuable, everything else is just a distraction. Focus on your goals, be so stubborn about them that people won’t even attempt to convince you otherwise.


4. Just go for it

No matter how wild, crazy, out of reach your dreams may feel. Just go for it. When I lived in SF I spent a lot of my time pretending that I didn’t want more than I had because: a) I couldn't afford it.  b) I felt guilty.

I didn’t want to admit that I was actually living in lack. I was comfortable, settling, and convinced myself that what I truly wanted didn’t exist (at least for me).

Commit to a mental shift and focus on allowing things to fall in place. Make time for things that make you feel good and you’ll ultimately attract the same energy. I’m a firm believer in law of attraction, in opening yourself up to energy to manifesting what you want in this life. Ok no, not manifesting the classic Chanel bag I’ve been eyeing for years, but seriously.. stop foreshadowing self-disappointment and just go for it!

Here I am… six months later.. in one of the most exciting places to be in the world, working at my dream job, and having the most I N S A N E time!!!! Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. You never know what happens until you put fear in its place.