5 Places in SF to Take Your Foodie Friend For Their Birthday

Need a recommendation that will just WOW your BFF on their birthday? From drinks, to ambiance, and YES.. the dessert..don't worry, I've got you covered! I've gathered the top 5 places you should dine when celebrating one-on-one with your bestie or throwing a semi-painless group dinner (hey! you still gotta deal with the coordinating!). 

Here are the places you NEED TO TRY:



A waterfront restaurant with a to-die-for ambiance that will make your friend drop dead before they even walk through the door.

Will they:
a) take a seat and soak in that stunning bay view while sipping on one too many cocktails?  
b) choose a table by the wood grill and admire all the food in action?

Either way, Coqueta is your go-to birthday spot with delicious bites + the prettiest drinks your foodie friend will undoubtedly thank you for.



No, not to be mistaken for Nopa (it took me awhile to realize they were two separate restaurants)! Nopalito takes Mexican food to the next level, a vibrant kitchen that is anything but boring! Their made-from-scratch menu soars with creativity, bringing a modern touch to Mexican food that you would not imagine. The ingredients are fresh, staff is attentive, and BONUS POINTS because the drinks are strong!



Loló is a showroom of the food-flare culture that we hate to admit exists here in San Francisco. The outright insane decor includes:  mismatched car doors, wild wallpaper, and folded paper boats? YES. But it works in all the right ways. Lolo prides itself in diving in the nontraditional, the menu, the drinks, the vibe brings a completely reimagined take on Mexican food while redefining eats in the Mission.

Liholiho Yacht Club


Liholiho is teeming with Hawaiian-Indian influence, paired with a high-energy space that just oozes with sleek and sophistication from the moment you snap that obligatory aloha #floorgram. Chef Ravi Kapur draws inspiration from his roots by blending a bit of San Francisco flare to his menu adding twists to unconventional Hawaiian classics. Just imagine, piping hot poppy seed buns with beef tongue and kimchi, or go for the manila clams bathed in coconut curry, winter squash, tumeric, served with naan. With each full-flavored bite more delicious than the last, this is easily one of my favorite dinner spots in SF.

Farmhouse Kitchen


Looking to impress your adventurous bestie? Take them to Farmhouse Kitchen. Expect Thai street-style food paired with well-polished dining adding to Valencia’s existing collection of inventive restaurants in the Mission. The menu is priced slightly higher than any typical Thai restaurant you’ve ever been to, the portions and killer presentation are definitely well worth it. At Farmhouse Kitchen, order up one of their specialty dishes like Panang Neua, braised short rib piled on a striking red plate served with their signature blue rice or exotic delicacies like crickets and larvae for any thrill-seeking first timers.