No Regrets Guide to Eating in Oakland, CA

Oakland is definitely stepping up it's foodie game and it may seem a bit intimidating. If you're crossing the Bay Bridge and find yourself wondering "Hmm.. what is there to eat over here" then this blog post was written specifically for you. Here is my guide to Oakland's BEST eats and what you should order. 


Stop by Berkeley Social Club for Korean inspired breakfast foods.. Get the Cornflake French Toast ... MmmmMMMmm


Did you even go to Oakland without stopping by Homeroom? You can build your own or order a specialty mac and cheese from their menu. Don't forget to order the Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower.. guaranteed to fuel you up and alleviate any hanger issues that may be brewing. 

Cookiebar Creamery0D9D8E907.jpg

Cookiebar Creamery is a crowd favorite equipped with it's minimalist interior and welcoming vibes, grab your favorite scoop of ice cream prepared in a cup, cone, or a custom sandwich made to your liking! Flavors to try: Thai Ice Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and Ube. 


Roll it up at Freezing Point Creamery in Oakland's Chinatown.