Lessons I Learned in 2017

Finding the Right Balance


Often I find myself quickly blurting “yes” to projects that might not be so ideal or even saying “no” and feeling disappointed because I might’ve skipped out on a great opportunity. Either way, finding the right balance has become more difficult than ever. Juggling between squeezing too much too soon or dealing with the subconscious guilt for not doing enough can be so draining to your mind, body, and soul. With so many things on your plate like: family, friends, work, and finding time to refocus + recharge, where do you find enough hours in the day?!

Some quick tips to achieving the right balance:

Prioritize + Stick To A Schedule

Easier said than done right? Making to-do lists of things that need to get done can be overwhelming, but when you can visually see all the tasks you need to accomplish it will outline your day’s productivity! Learn to prioritize the important things first, focus on those tasks that need to be done in a time-sensitive manner. Set goals and kill it, it’ll be that much more rewarding when you cross each item off that list!


I know, I know! I’m like the last person to talk about this… but it’s so true! Eating good doesn’t necessarily = feeling good, we all know that. But when you put in that cardio work each day, you boost your self-efficacy, the confidence one exudes to get things done rather than avoided. Individuals with high self-efficacy tend to have more motivation to face challenging tasks and strive to master them. So, exercise + feel good + face the day = GET SHIT DONE.

Relationships Matter

Be mindful of your relationships: with your family, friends, and most importantly yourself. If you don’t prioritize yourself first, how will you give your 100% to those who need it? Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, inspire you, and challenge your mind. Listen to those who support you and listen to your body. Learn when to go and when to stop.

Take Risks + Accepting Losses


Humans are creatures of habit, we have a tendency to hoard our negative thoughts letting them manifest into our daily lives and form preventative self-indicators fueled by fear. I never realized how much of my life I was living in resistance until I moved home or when I was chained to a 9-5 job.

What causes resistance?

  1. Fear
  2. Self Doubt
  3. Overthinking
  4. Being In Your Own Way

Some of your brightest moments are first masked by feelings of vulnerability, insecurity, and self doubt. When you finally find peace in being uncomfortable + take new risks, the more you will learn about yourself. TRUST ME. Accept your losses the way you would accept your wins #HeadOn.

Be More Self Aware


Just like balance, finding the right self care routine is ongoing and never-ending. Not only does it need consistent effort and attention, but it requires a deep understanding of self awareness. What works, what doesn’t work.. what makes you tick, and what fuels your fire. Similar to learning how to dance, to know the dance you must know the moves and go with the rhythm. You need to be in tune with your own motivations, emotions, reactions, personality + behavior patterns and know how it affects those directly around you.

Find Your Routine

To me, self-care is the most important when things aren’t going as planned leading up to stress. When I’m in a stressful state, I find myself reaching for the nearest bag of potato chips. A huge indicator that I will be binge eating = become loose with my exercise goals … which leads to be being out of sync. It’s a spiral effect. Catch your indicators and learn to kick your bad habits.

Unplug + Unwind

Detox your mind, body, and spirit to rid yourself of any unwanted thoughts. Allowing yourself “me time” to cleanse from a long day’s work so you can refocus + recharge. By allocating some alone time in the day, you can take a mental break to refresh your thinking and prevent overworking yourself. Read a book you've been putting off or put that Pinterest recipe to good use, do things on your own to release tension while enjoying your own company!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Naturally, your comfort zone is your behavioral space where through trial and error you’ve learned has minimize stress and decreases risk. We stick to this safe space knowing what to do and what the outcome will be. Where’s the fun in that? By pushing your own boundaries you can open the door to new ideas + insights that you never thought possible.

Here’s some tips to help you break out of your comfort zone:

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Do something different everyday
  3. Embrace change but don't overdo it