Hampton Creek Cracks The Egg With Plant-Based Substitute

Mung beans disguised as an eggless substitute inside your new favorite brunch spot? Cafe Flore is rolling out an exclusive taste of the Just Scramble Flore with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and goat cheese.. a new menu item debuting the remarkable four and a half years of project history behind #5001.

Well, that’s what this team of scientists at Hampton Creek referred to the mung bean before these product managers got their hands on it...


Amidst a 95,000 square foot factory lab equipped with robotics, their own mill, Michelin-rated culinary staff, nearly five years of nonstop sampling for their newest innovation were in the works until a crack was made in the world of food.

The discovery between science and a plant based product is mindblowing! A product like this could really interrupt the way we see, think, and even eat food (ESPECIALLY BRUNCH!!).Seeing this IRL was crazy.. (what can’t technology do??).



Personally, upon the first bite, I could detect an unusual aftertaste which I thought was just from the goat cheese (we sampled the Just Scrambled Flore first).


We got another cooking demo with just plain scrambled eggs (with a little S+P).. and now the ultimate test!

It resembles scrambled eggs in looks and texture without a doubt, but there’s just a slight aftertaste that I could not figure out! I grabbed the plate for a whiff, instantly you can smell a sweet bean-y smell. But honestly if you didn’t tell me beforehand I probably wouldn’t suspect a thing! I kept thinking to myself "Is this how people feel about tofu?!?!!?" because tofu is amazing!

I'm interested to see if any SF bakeries will be picking up this product to try out.. Tartine?... hmm?? That would be so dope.

Don’t go scrambling all over town trying to get your hands on this jusssst yet. Interested in trying this new eggless substitute? Come to Cafe Flore and try the Just Scramble product in three new specialty dishes!

What do you guys think about food trends in SF? Are they sustainability / morally conscious or just flat-out annoying?