Heineken Experience is a MUST, I always recommend it to friends who are traveling to Amsterdam. What's so special about it? It's a interactive brewery tour  giving guests a chance to visit the Tasting Room and a sample of two different beers. Right when you walk in, you can see massive brass beer tanks and discover all about the history behind Heinekein Beer. Pretty neat. It's a huge tourist attraction so purchase your tickets early to avoid long lines! 

Art lovers will love exploring the Van Gogh Museum. Personally, I enjoyed the Banksy Museum waaayyyyy more. It's dark and twisted art exhibition and cultural boldness in his artwork was instantly a favorite. 

Enjoy indulging on a glass (or bottle) of wine to the face? Get tickets to the Lovers Canal ride, two hours of nonstop drinking and canal cruising. Amsterdam is known for their lovely canal houses resting in the water, BE WARNED: you may see a naked person or two while on this wine tour.